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The Story of Lampo, the Dog who Traveled through Italy Memorizing Train Schedules

Although it’s also a railway station, it’s not exactly Termini Station nor does it feature in any movies; in fact, Stazione di Campiglia Marittima is a modest spot in the Italian municipality of the same name, in the hamlet of Venturina Terme (Livorno, Tuscany), rather removed from mass tourism. However, anyone going there to catch […]

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Dzungaria, the Region where the Hyperboreans Could Have Lived, is the Place on Earth Farthest from the Sea

At the border between Kazakhstan and China, south of the Altai Mountains, there is an ancient pass called the Dzungarian Gate. Its geographical and historical significance is such that it has long been described as the only gate of the mountain wall that extends from Manchuria to Afghanistan, along 4,800 kilometers. Some researchers believe that […]

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4 Best Water Experiences to Have in Tarifa

People might know Spain mostly due to Antoni Gaudí’s designed stunning landmarks in Barcelona and its artistic capital, Madrid. But little do people know that this European hub of culture and art also has Tarifa – a small pack with an abundance of nature’s colors and beautiful landscapes. Tarifa, a small town located on the southernmost […]