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“The Book of Five Rings”, Written by the Ronin Miyamoto Musashi in the 17th Century and whose Philosophy the Japanese Apply to their Work

The speed and consistency with which Japan recovered politically and materially after its defeat in World War II, overcoming the enormous destruction from aerial bombings, two atomic bombs, and a severe demographic drain, is often a source of amazement. Part of this effort was due to the aid received and the cultural influence exerted by […]

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Intervision, the Soviet Bloc Festival that Replicated Eurovision with Voting by Turning the Lights On and Off

This is evident with NATO and the Warsaw Pact or the European Common Market and COMECON. But interestingly enough, the Eastern countries also had a response to something much less serious. In 1977, the ISC, the Intervision Song Contest, was born, which, as you can guess, was a copy of the Eurovision Song Contest in […]

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The History of the Small Kingdom of Najera, Precursor to the Kingdom of Navarra and Cradle of the Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon

If all of Spain’s history is inherently complex—much more than simplifications tend to suggest—perhaps the medieval period takes the cake in close competition with ancient times, both due to the scarcity of sources and the existence of numerous royal and noble domains—some Christian, some Muslim—that changed hands, borders, and names frequently. One of the lesser-known […]