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Upper Part of Colossal Statue of Ramesses II, whose Lower Part was Found in 1930, Uncovered at Hermopolis Magna

The joint archaeological mission between Egypt and the United States has brought to light the upper part of a colossal statue of the pharaoh Ramses II. The exploration, led by Dr. Basem Jihad of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities and Dr. Yovona Trnka of the University of Colorado, has been operating in the region […]

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Rare Andalusian Astrolabe Discovered in Verona Reveals Islamic, Jewish and Christian Scientific Exchange

An old astrolabe was recently discovered in a museum in the Italian city of Verona. It dates back to the 1100s, which makes it one of the oldest astrolabes ever found. Astrolabes are early scientific calculators that could measure time, distances, the position of stars, and even make horoscopes predicting the future. The newly discovered […]

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Stone Sarcophagus of the Scribes Supervisor of Pharaoh Psamtik I Unearthed

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt, represented by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, today began the transfer of a stone sarcophagus discovered during a rescue excavation at the site designated for the construction of a university hospital in the Al Qalyubia governorate. The quartzite stone sarcophagus, dating back to the time of Pharaoh […]

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1300-Year-Old Tomb of a Man Buried Face Down on Top of a Woman with a Fabulous Gold Treasure Trove Found in Panama

A recent excavation at the El Caño archaeological park in the province of Coclé has unearthed the remains of a powerful ruler of the region and a spectacular funerary assemblage composed of gold pieces, ceramics, and other materials. The discovery, made this summer by a team from the Ministry of Culture and the El Caño […]

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The Roman Theater of Guadix, Spain, was Buried by Successive Extraordinary Floods Coinciding with Warm Climatic Periods

Scientists from the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME) have confirmed that the sediments found in the excavations of the Roman theater in Guadix, Granada (Spain), record the occurrence of large floods every thousand years, coinciding with warm climatic periods during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. It was in 2007, during the […]

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Extraordinary Fresco Depicting the Twins Phrixus and Helle Fleeing with the Golden Fleece Found in Pompeii

During the restoration works of the House of Leda in Pompeii, a fresco appeared depicting the mythological scene of the twins Phrixus and Helle fleeing from their pursuers on the back of the famous golden fleece ram. The scene, showing Phrixus on the ram while his sister is falling into the water, is painted as […]

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Megasthenes, the 3rd Century BC Greek Geographer who Described Himalayas and Calculated the Longitude and Latitude of India

Like many lost works of antiquity, their content can be partially reconstructed through the citations of later authors. This is what happened, for example, with the Phoenician history of Sanchuniaton. And also with the work of Megasthenes titled Indica, where he recounts his journey to India in the 3rd century BC. Megasthenes was born in […]

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The Mausoleum of Centcelles in Tarragona (Spain) Houses the Oldest Dome with Mosaics from Roman Times

Located just 7 kilometers from the city of Tarragona in Catalonia, stands the majestic Villa-mausoleum of Centcelles, an exceptional Roman monument that houses the oldest mosaics of early Christian art in the Iberian Peninsula, dating back to the 4th century AD, as well as the oldest Roman dome with preserved mosaics. For centuries during the […]

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New Satellite Images Show Construction Progress of Nusantara, Indonesia’s New Capital City in the Jungle

The jungles of eastern Borneo, one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, have begun to rapidly transform since mid-2022 due to the construction of Nusantara, Indonesia’s ambitious new capital. The epicenter of this transformation is an area near Balikpapan Bay, in the province of East Kalimantan. The President of Indonesia made the decision […]