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A single family remains in the Erbil citadel, the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the world

The Near and Middle East are full of cities of proven antiquity, such as Byblos, Sidon, Jericho, Susa… Less well known is the city of Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, at the center of which is a fortified mound that claims to be the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the world: the Erbil Citadel. In November […]

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How Sumerians named substitute kings during eclipses and the custom survived even in Alexander’s time

Between 1805 and 1799 B.C. (according to short chronology) or 1868 and 1861 B.C. (according to medium chronology) King Erra-Imitti ruled in the Sumerian city-state of Isin in present-day Iraq (about 20 miles south of Nippur). His name comes to mean something as a follower of Erra, who was a god of war, riots and […]

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Kurkh Monolith, the first documentary reference to Israel and the Arabs

One of the most curious, interesting and controversial archaeological pieces preserved in the British Museum is the so-called Kurkh Monolith. It is a fairly large Assyrian stele with inscribed descriptions of King Shalmaneser III. The information provided is essential to know the military campaigns of the sovereign but is also important because it contains the […]