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A Network of Stone Pipes Found in the Ancient Gallo-Roman City of Matisco in France

To the southeast of the territory of the Gallic people, the Aedui, on a small hill overlooking the Arar (Celtic name for the Saône), an oppidum, a fortified settlement, was established in the early 1st century BC, called Matisco (the current Mâcon in central-eastern France). This oppidum played a strategic role on the frontier marked […]

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Surprising Burial of 28 Horses that Died in a Battle of the Gallic Wars Forgotten by History is Found

The excavation of 1.3 hectares, located on the slope of a valley in Villedieu-sur-Indre in the center of France, has revealed a site dated to the late 5th and early 6th centuries. Numerous buildings, pits, ditches, and a high medieval road have been unearthed. In addition to the medieval occupation, nine pits containing horses have […]

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How a French Botanist Brought to Europe the First Complete Written Testimony of Mesopotamian Civilization

At the end of the 18th century, cuneiform script was a complete mystery to European historians. The first to report news of a strange writing carved in temples and clay tablets was the Venetian ambassador Giosafat Barbaro, who had been in Persepolis in 1474. Later, in 1598, Robert Shirley found the monumental inscription of Behistun, […]

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Joseph Ducreux, the Painter Who Created the Most Extravagant Self-Portraits in History

In another article, we talked about the tronie, a type of caricature portrait practiced by Dutch Golden Age painters. In the following century, it was a French artist who revived this interest in breaking away from academicism, creating some highly expressive portraits through gestures. Thus, the subjects appear laughing, asking for silence, pointing with a […]

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“Triclinia” for Family Banquets and Libation Conduits Found in the Great Roman Necropolis of Narbo Martius with 1,430 Tombs

The archaeological excavation in the La Robine necropolis, near the ancient city of Narbo Martius (now Narbonne, France), has shed light on funerary and ritual practices of the early Roman Empire. The necropolis, located about 700 meters east of the ancient city, was discovered in a remarkable state of preservation, hidden under almost three meters […]

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Monumental Late Antiquity Installation Around a Large Spring, which is still Active Today, found in France

Before the works on RN147 in the Limoges-Bellac section in south-central France, archaeologists from Inrap excavated an area of ​​8800 square meters and discovered an ancient agropastoral occupation and evidence of an atypical monumental installation from the 3rd century, around a spring catchment. The site provides unprecedented information about the development of the territory of […]