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When the Olympic Games included competitions in architecture, painting, sculpture, literature, and music

Jean Jacoby was a Luxembourgish painter; Alex Diggelmann, a Swiss poster artist; the Danish Josef Petersen was a writer; the Hungarian Alfréd Hajós, an architect; the British John Copley, an engraver; the Belgian Josue Dupon, a sculptor, just like the American Walter Winans. Can you imagine what they all had in common, apart from a […]

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The German female athlete at the 1936 Berlin Olympics who turned out to be a man

A recent case is that of Caster Semenya, South African athlete twice Olympic champion and three times world champion in the middle-distance (800 meters, to be exact), who in medical analysis was found to have a chromosomal abnormality that makes her produce three times more testosterone than normal and have internal male sex organs, which […]

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Luz Long, the German athlete who befriended Jesse Owens and helped him win at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

On 13 July 1943, a death occurred in the British field hospital in Acate, in the Sicilian province of Ragusa (Italy), which did not particularly attract the attention of the staff. After all, it was an enemy, a Luftwaffe obergefreiter (lance corporal) who was badly injured in defence of the island during the Allied invasion […]