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Researchers Discover that Syphilis-like Diseases Were Widespread in the Americas Before Columbus’ Arrival

Scientists have made an amazing discovery that sheds new light on the history of an important disease. Researchers from the universities of Basel and Zurich in Switzerland found the genetic material of the pathogen Treponema pallidum in the bones of people who died in Brazil around 2,000 years ago. This is the oldest confirmed discovery […]

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Another Primate migrated to North America Across the Bering Strait Millions of Years before Humans did

Millions of years before humans first arrived in North America, another primate made the journey across what is now known as the Bering Land Bridge. Paleontologists have uncovered the story of this long-lost primate relative, called Ekgmowechashala. Ekgmowechashala lived around 30 million years ago in North America. At this time, the continent was experiencing major […]

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Gonzalo Guerrero, the Spanish castaway who became a Mayan and fought against the conquistadors

When we talk about miscegenation in reference to the ethnic and cultural fusion that the conquest of America by the Spanish meant, there is a character that embodies it almost emblematically. He is Gonzalo Guerrero, a shipwrecked man who, after years of living with a Mayan tribe, became naturalized, formed a family and even fought […]