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No One Opens Schrödinger’s Cat’s Box: Why Doesn’t the Universe Behave Like Quantum Particles?

A new study in quantum cosmology proposes an innovative approach to address one of the oldest puzzles in physics: the transition from quantum to classical. This transition is crucial for understanding how our universe, full of well-defined stars and galaxies, emerged from a primitive quantum state where things could be in multiple states at once. […]

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What did the Roman Forum look like in 410 AD, just after the sacking by the Visigoths (Video)

On August 24, 410 AD, the fate of Rome took a dramatic turn as the Salaria Gate swung open from within, allowing the Visigoths to enter the city. The ensuing pillage primarily targeted movable assets, with limited structural damage. The affected areas were around the Salaria Gate and the Aventine neighborhood. Strikingly, the Visigoths, despite […]