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The Enigmatic Ring Forts of Ireland and Great Britain, Home to the Fairies and Giants from Legends

Scattered across the landscapes of Ireland, Great Britain, parts of Scandinavia, and northern Europe are enigmatic fortified structures known as ringforts. These circular or oval enclosures, bounded by earth walls and ditches, mostly date from between 500 and 900 AD, a period that spans the late Bronze Age to the early Middle Ages in these […]

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Five Ancient Neolithic “Cursus” Aligned with Solar Events Discovered in Ireland

The beginning of the Neolithic in much of Western Europe marked the construction of the first large-scale communal monuments, which became a way to gather disparate communities for rituals and create a unified group identity. These enclosures are often found in groups in southern England, France, and Scandinavia/Denmark. Recently, a notable group of these monuments […]

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The Hill of Tara, Ireland’s most Sacred Site, is full of Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval Monuments

In County Meath, about 50 kilometers northwest of Dublin, lies the Hill of Tara. It is a modest elevation, only 155 meters high, but its location has influenced its role throughout Ireland’s history, making it a site of great significance both symbolically and strategically since prehistoric times. The name “Tara” has ancient roots and is […]

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When Choctaws gave everything they owned to help the Irish during the Great Famine of 1847

Ireland is a highly appreciated destination for a certain sector of travelers seeking something different from the classic sun and beach tourism. Landscape, mythology, music and literature are its main attractions, so it is not unusual for more than one reader to have visited Cork, one of the most popular cities in the country. Well, […]