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4000-year-old Temple with an Enigmatic Central Monolith Discovered in Cyprus

Archaeologists discovered a 4000-year-old temple on the island of Cyprus. The finding was made by the Italian Erimi Archaeological Mission, led by Professor Luca Bombardieri from the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus. The temple, which features an enigmatic central monolith decorated with a circular motif of small cups, […]

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The Best Preserved Temple in Egypt Was Saved Because It Was Buried 12 Meters Under the Sand

When Auguste Mariette, who had been sent eight years earlier by the Louvre Museum to Egypt in search of ancient manuscripts, was appointed Conservator of Monuments by the Egyptian government in 1858, he initiated a frenetic excavation activity. In 1860 alone, he directed more than 35 new excavations while also maintaining the ones already started. […]

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The Mystery of the Hekatompedon: A Rock Carving by an Ancient Shepherd Gives Clues About an Unknown Building on the Acropolis

In the hills to the north and east of Vari in Attica lies a surprising testament to the life and art of the ancient Greeks: more than 2000 rock carvings on marble rocks dating back to the 6th century BC offer a glimpse into the daily activities and concerns of the shepherds who roamed these […]

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Rare Artifacts and Remains of Ritual Meals Found in a Well at Ostia Antica, in Front of the Temple of Hercules

New archaeological fragments of objects used in imperial life and linked to cult rituals have appeared in the excavations carried out in the Sacred Zone of the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica, the ancient port of Rome. The discovery, following the recovery of two fragments of the Fasti Ostienses that came to light last year, […]

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The Temple of Hadrian at Cyzicus was the Largest Built in Antiquity, and its Corinthian Capitals the Largest Ever Sculpted

Founded by Greek colonists from Miletus in the 7th century BC and located on a peninsula in northwest Anatolia, the city of Cyzicus was one of the most thriving metropolises of the ancient world, flourishing in the shadow of the imposing Dindymus mountain massif and bathed by the waters of the Propontis strait, which connected […]

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Fragment of the Frieze from the Temple of Zeus Found at a Depth of 9 Meters off the Coast of Agrigento

An exciting archaeological discovery recently emerged from the Mediterranean Sea after a meticulous underwater excavation and rescue intervention carried out off the coast of Agrigento in Sicily. A team composed of the Subacquei Nucleus of the Carabinieri Command, responsible for the protection of submerged cultural heritage, the Superintendence of the Sea, and the Diving Group […]

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Excavations Reveal the Temple of Poseidon at Samikon is Larger than Estimated and its Floor Plan is Unusual

In the context of this year’s excavation period within the five-year research program in the Kleidi area in Samikon (in the Greek region of Elis), which concluded at the end of September, significant data about the monumental structure discovered in 2022 through geophysical survey, came to light. The research project, aiming to investigate the topography […]

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Two Greek Doric Temples Unearthed in the Ancient City of Paestum in Italy

A campaign of stratigraphic excavations in the western area of the ancient Greek city of Poseidonia (Roman Paestum) has revealed the existence of two Greek Doric temples. This discovery sheds new light on the origins and urban development of the polis and provides crucial data for understanding the evolution of Doric architecture in Poseidonia and […]

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A Strange and Huge Temple, inside which Sacrifices Were Performed, was Found in the Sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia in Euboea

For the past four years, archaeologists have been carefully excavating an ancient temple located at the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia in the island of Euboea (Greece). This summer, their work revealed new clues about what life was like in ancient times. The temple, built around 700 BC, was larger than expected at over 100 feet […]