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Physics Confirms the Age-Old Axiom: “The Enemy of Your Enemy is Your Friend”

Most people have heard the adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This saying encapsulates a social intuition that people have relied on for generations. Now, researchers at Northwestern University have used statistical physics to confirm that this axiom holds true in real-world social networks, lending scientific credibility to the theory behind it. […]

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No One Opens Schrödinger’s Cat’s Box: Why Doesn’t the Universe Behave Like Quantum Particles?

A new study in quantum cosmology proposes an innovative approach to address one of the oldest puzzles in physics: the transition from quantum to classical. This transition is crucial for understanding how our universe, full of well-defined stars and galaxies, emerged from a primitive quantum state where things could be in multiple states at once. […]

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Unique Experimental Device Developed and Published by Albert Einstein Found

One of France’s oldest science museums, the Ampère Museum, has just revealed a treasure hidden in its reserves: the only complete and authentic version of the Einstein-de Haas experiment, a rare experimental work published by Albert Einstein himself. This extraordinary discovery, the result of research by Alfonso San Miguel, a researcher at the Institut Lumière […]

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Physicists announce new theory that unifies Gravity and Quantum Mechanics while preserving Einstein’s concept of Spacetime

Modern physics is based on two pillars. One is quantum theory, which governs the smallest particles in the universe. The other is Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which explains gravity through the curvature of spacetime. But these two theories contradict each other, and reconciling them has been difficult for over a century. The prevailing hypothesis […]

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An ultra-high energy cosmic ray from an unknown location in space impacted the Earth

A high-energy particle fell from space and hit the Earth’s surface, but its origin and exact nature are unknown. This may sound like science fiction, but it’s a real scientific discovery, according to research led by Associate Professor Toshihiro Fujii of Osaka Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Science and Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics. Cosmic […]

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The foundation researching how to avoid gravity, whose essay prize was won by Stephen Hawking and five Nobel laureates in physics

A boy who witness his sister drown in a Massachusetts river and comes to the conclusion that gravity is to blame for everything: she was unable to fight gravity, which came up and grabbed her like a dragon and carried her off, he wrote. As an adult, he studies at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), […]