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Lelantine War, the First Conflict Involving Greek Cities that no One won and whose Existence is Disputed

In ancient Greece, between 710 and 650 BC, a significant military conflict known as the Lelantine War took place. The main players were the city-states of Chalcis and Eretria, located on the island of Euboea. According to ancient sources, the initial cause of the conflict was a dispute over control of the fertile Lelantine Plain, […]

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Excavations at Sanctuary of Zeus on Aegina’s Mount Hellanion Reveal it Was Used as Refuge During Destruction of Mycenaean Palaces

A team from the Piraeus and Islands Antiquities Inspection and the Swiss Archaeological School in Greece has been exploring the summit of Mount Hellanion, the highest mountain in Aegina, since 2021. Where the Church of the Ascension now stands overlooking the Saronic Gulf, there once was a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus, whose main buildings are […]

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8 Different Types of Ancient Amphorae Recovered from a Byzantine Ship Sunk in the 5th Century AD in Greece

In September 2023, the eighth season of underwater archaeological research in the Fourni archipelago, conducted by the University of Thessaly and the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture, was completed. The research focused on the excavation of an early Byzantine period (5th-6th century AD) shipwreck located at the Aspros Kavos cape, […]

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Archaeological Research in the Kasos Strait Ends with 10 Ancient Shipwrecks and Finds from Prehistoric to Ottoman Periods

In late October 2023, the multi-year underwater archaeological study in the marine area of Kasos was completed. Since 2019, the research team from the Hellenic National Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, conducted four research expeditions in areas of special interest, using archaeological and historical evidence, sources, testimonies, and reports on the […]

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A Strange and Huge Temple, inside which Sacrifices Were Performed, was Found in the Sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia in Euboea

For the past four years, archaeologists have been carefully excavating an ancient temple located at the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia in the island of Euboea (Greece). This summer, their work revealed new clues about what life was like in ancient times. The temple, built around 700 BC, was larger than expected at over 100 feet […]

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Analysis reveals Glass Artifacts found in the Acropolis of Ialysos, Rhodes, a Century ago are 2,700-year-old Magnifying Lenses

A team of researchers from the Illinois State University, Western Illinois University, and the University of California at San Diego, conducted a detailed study of a set of artifacts discovered in the early 20th century by Italian archaeologists on the island of Rhodes, Greece. These curious flat-convex glass objects mounted on bronze rings could be […]

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The Colossus of Dionysus and the kouroi of Flerio, Greek statues from the 6th century B.C. that remain unfinished in the quarries of Naxos.

The island of Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades in extension, famous and coveted since ancient times for its wealth and its white marble, with quarries exploited until today (only those of crystalline marble). As it happens in Egyptian quarries, where obelisks remain, or in those of Rapa Nui, with half-finished moai, in those […]