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The Story of the Discovery and Loss of the Golden Horns of Gallehus, Created in the Germanic Iron Age

The story of the impressive and extraordinary Golden Horns of Gallehus, from their creation, discovery, and ultimate loss, is perhaps one of the saddest in European archaeology, specifically Danish. Both pieces, found separately, were recognized immediately upon discovery as exceptional finds, and the fact that today we can only admire reconstructions of the originals constitutes […]

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Vindelev Treasure revealed to have Belonged to a Mysterious Member of the European Elite in the Norse Iron Age

A farm located in the small town of Vindelev in Jutland, Denmark likely housed a very prominent and internationally connected individual, according to a new investigation by the National Museum of Denmark into the Vindelev Treasure, recently published in the research journal International Numismatic Chronicle. The lead researcher, Helle Horsnæs, examined the four Roman gold […]

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Gold Ring Reveals Possible New Princely Lineage in Jutland Linked to Merovingians

A treasure hunter has uncovered an elaborate gold ring in southwestern Denmark that could shed light on a previously unknown lineage of royal figures with ties to powerful European dynasties in the early Medieval period. Lars Nielsen, 39, was metal detecting in the fields near Emmerlev when he came across the large gold ring encrusted […]

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Vittrup Man, Found in a Bog in Denmark, Went from Gatherer to Farmer Before Being Sacrificed in 3200 BC

Scientists have created a detailed biography of a Stone Age man’s life through new scientific methods. A Swedish-Danish research team from the University of Gothenburg can now say they have traced where the “Vittrup Man”, a bog body found in Denmark, traveled during his lifetime. The Vittrup Man was discovered in 1915. His skull had […]

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Scandinavia’s Early Farmers Wiped Out Hunter-Gatherer Population 5,900 Years Ago

A new study from Lund University in Sweden is challenging long-held beliefs about the transition from hunter-gatherer to agricultural societies in Scandinavia. Analyzing DNA extracted from skeletons and teeth dating back 7,300 years, researchers found evidence of not one but two almost complete population replacements occurring in what is now Denmark. The first change took […]