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Nan Madol, the ancient city built on 92 islets interconnected by canals in the Pacific Ocean

In the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, in the Caroline Islands archipelago, lies one of the most enigmatic and fascinating archaeological sites in the world: Nan Madol. This complex of ruins, located off the island of Temwen, in Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia), has captured the imagination of explorers and archaeologists for centuries due […]

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Archaeologists Unearth the Sebasteion or “Temple of the Emperors” in the Agora of the Ancient City of Nicopolis

Recent excavations in the ancient city of Nicopolis, founded by Augustus to commemorate his naval victory over Mark Antony on September 2, 31 BC, and situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Ambracia, on the opposite side of the promontory of Actium about 6 kilometers north of the modern city of Preveza, have uncovered […]

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Digital Model of the Ancient City of Uruk Created [Video]

The method presented by Max Haibt (Department of the Orient of the German Archaeological Institute) involves the efficient three-dimensional recording of 40 square kilometers using a long-range UAV, as well as the development of a virtual research environment where the high-resolution 3D model is available in real-time. The high resolution and spatial accuracy allow for […]

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Liangzhu was Built in the Late Neolithic Period with Advanced Techniques such as “Grass-wrapped Clay Blocks” and a Novel Organization of Labor

The majestic Forbidden City in Beijing astonishes its visitors with its colorful roofs and intricate wood carvings, along with its tall walls of red brick. However, beyond its impressive appearance, traditional Chinese architecture is distinguished by the predominant use of earth as the main building material and the application of various earth construction technologies. Since […]

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The Foundational Iberian City of Ilici, Where the Lady of Elche Was Found, Discovered

The project “Damas y Héroes. Tras la Ilici ibérica”, led by Alberto Lorrio, Professor of Prehistory at the University of Alicante, and Héctor Uroz, Professor of Ancient History at the University of Murcia, has uncovered architectural remains that provide invaluable information about Iberian society and its historical context. The discovery pertains to the foundational Iberian […]

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Giddan/Eddana, The Forgotten Twin City of Dura-Europos

The ancient city of Dura-Europos in modern-day Syria is well known for its exceptional state of preservation. Often compared to Pompeii, this ancient settlement provides a remarkable window into the Hellenistic, Parthian, and Roman periods. However, while Dura-Europos has garnered significant attention, there’s another ancient city, just a few kilometers downstream on the Euphrates River, […]

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The Lost City of Naucratis: The First Permanent Greek Settlement in Egypt

In the western delta of the Nile, about 72 kilometers southeast of Alexandria, lay the ancient city of Naucratis (Ναύκρατις), a Greek enclave that played a crucial role in cultural and commercial exchange between Greece and Egypt. Founded in the 7th century BCE, Naucratis became the first permanent Greek settlement in Egypt and, for much […]