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A Mayan Structure Linked to the Cult of Kukulcan, God of the Wind, Reveals the Location of the Ancient Itzamkanac of the Chronicles

The Ministry of Culture, through the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), revealed the recent discovery of a circular structure in the archaeological zone of El Tigre, Campeche (Mexico). According to Diego Prieto Hernández, director of INAH, this finding dates back to the late occupation period of the ancient Mayan settlement, between the years […]

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Gonzalo Guerrero, the Spanish castaway who became a Mayan and fought against the conquistadors

When we talk about miscegenation in reference to the ethnic and cultural fusion that the conquest of America by the Spanish meant, there is a character that embodies it almost emblematically. He is Gonzalo Guerrero, a shipwrecked man who, after years of living with a Mayan tribe, became naturalized, formed a family and even fought […]