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Greek Tombs with Artifacts and Grave Goods Unearthed in Taranto, the Only Spartan Colony in Southern Italy

Taranto owes its origins to the Spartans who founded it in the 8th century BC with the name Taras (Τάρας). At that time, the Apulian city became one of the most important polis in Magna Graecia, asserting its political superiority over other colonies in the south. It is precisely from this period of splendor that […]

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Lord Carnarvon, Howard Carter’s Patron whose Death Gave Rise to the Legend of the Curse of Tutankhamun

How many times have you heard about the curse of Tutankhamun, about the inscription that Howard Carter supposedly found on the door of his tomb, warning that Death will come on swift wings to those who disturb the pharaoh’s peace, or Death will strike with its fear anyone who disturbs the pharaoh’s rest? In reality, […]

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First-ever Roman-era Tombs Dug Directly into the Rock Uncovered in Egypt

The Spanish archaeological team from the University of Barcelona and the Institute of the Ancient Near East, led by Dr. Maite Mascort Roca and Dr. Esther Pons Mellado, discovered several tombs from the Ptolemaic and Roman eras, along with Roman-era mummies, during their excavations in the archaeological site of El-Bahnasa, in the Minya Governorate. Dr. […]

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Tomb with a Colorful Funerary Mask, Amulets and Other Objects Found in Saqqara

The joint archaeological mission between the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt and Waseda University in Japan has successfully excavated a rock-cut tomb, various architectural elements, burials, and archaeological findings from different historical periods during the current excavation season within and above the catacombs of the Saqqara archaeological zone in Egypt. As explained by Dr. […]

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Medieval Long Sword with Decorated Blade Found in the Grave of a Six-foot-tall Man in Sweden

During an archaeological survey in Lilla Torg, Halmstad, Sweden, archaeologists made a very unusual discovery—a well-preserved, large medieval sword. The sword’s blade measures over a meter long and was found in a tomb where the sub-medieval convent of the Church of St. Anne once stood. The tomb was beneath the floor of the south nave […]

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Archaeologists discover female figurines and “little ghosts” of unknown ritual use dating back 3500 years in Mexico

Recently, a team of archaeologists from the INAH conducted an archaeological rescue near Constituyentes Avenue in Mexico City, due to the construction of a Cable Car station. At the site, they found an ancient cemetery dating back approximately 3500 years, belonging to a pre-Hispanic village that settled in that area. The discovery is notable because […]

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The Extraordinary Tomb of the Haterii, a Roman Family who Adorned it with Reliefs of the Monuments they Built

Located next to the ancient Via Labicana, about 8.4 kilometers southeast of Rome, the Tomb of the Haterii is one of the most beautifully decorated tombs that have survived from the Roman Empire. Built between 100 and 120 AD, it offers a fascinating insight into funerary art and customs of the early imperial period. The […]