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Analysis Reveals how Roman Surgeons Used Medical Instruments Found in Ancient Britain

Advanced archaeological technology has brought to light the intricate design and craftsmanship of Roman surgical instruments used 2,000 years ago. Researchers utilized a CT scanner to examine six medical implements, including a bronze scalpel handle that was once employed in surgical procedures. The study was conducted at the SHArD 3D Lab at the University of […]

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Larrey, the French Surgeon who Created the First Ambulance Service, Treating Allies and Foes at Waterloo

June 18, 1815. Napoleon’s attempt to rebuild his empire, after escaping exile on the island of Elba and regaining control of France, came to an abrupt and disastrous end near a place called Mont Saint-Jean, which has gone down in history as the Battle of Waterloo. During the retreat, Prussian soldiers captured him while trying […]

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Arcagathos “the butcher” was the first physician to work in Ancient Rome, in the late 3rd century B.C.

In 219 B.C. a Greek named Arcagathos (Ἀρχάγαθος) from the Peloponnese arrived in Rome and settled in the city, as recounted by Pliny the Elder, drawing from the Annals written by Lucius Cassius Hemina around 146 B.C. It wouldn’t have been exceptional, as many Greeks were arriving in Rome at that time, if not for […]