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Intervision, the Soviet Bloc Festival that Replicated Eurovision with Voting by Turning the Lights On and Off

This is evident with NATO and the Warsaw Pact or the European Common Market and COMECON. But interestingly enough, the Eastern countries also had a response to something much less serious. In 1977, the ISC, the Intervision Song Contest, was born, which, as you can guess, was a copy of the Eurovision Song Contest in […]

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The Delphic Hymns to Apollo are the Earliest Songs with Notated Music whose Composer is Known

Although the Seikilos Epitaph, dating from the first century A.D., is the oldest surviving full song with musical notation and text, and we know its author, Seikilos, there are some older compositions. The Delphic Hymns to Apollo, found inscribed on fragments of the outer wall of the Athenian Treasury at the sanctuary of Delphi, are […]