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30 Circular Stone Tombs of Children from 2800 Years Ago Found in Norway Are a Unique Discovery in Europe

In December 2023, archaeologists from the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo discovered an unknown burial site in a quarry near Fredrikstad, in southeastern Norway. This find has revealed an astonishing set of more than 30 tombs, most of them belonging to babies, buried over 2000 years ago. The team of archaeologists, led by Guro […]

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Christian Heinrich Heineken, the child prodigy who impressed Europe at just four years old

It is surprising that centuries ago, in times when access to education was practically restricted to the elites and pedagogy lacked the qualitative specialization developed today, child prodigies emerged with some frequency. In this sense, the 18th century, the Age of Enlightenment, gave birth to some very famous ones, with Mozart being the archetype of […]