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An Extraordinary 4000-Year-Old Prehistoric Seal Found in the Ancient City of Kalba in the Gulf of Oman

Extensive commercial networks stretching from the Indus Valley to the Aegean Sea can be traced back approximately 4500 years. Within these networks, the key role of land routes and sea lanes is evidenced by the discovery of objects made from exotic and precious materials at numerous sites that occupied important nodes along potential routes. It […]

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Huge 4,000-year-old Fortification Discovered Surrounding the Khaybar Oasis in Northwestern Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of fortified settlements that inhabited the oases of northern Arabia between the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. A team of scientists from the CNRS research center and the Royal Commission for AlUla recently uncovered a fortification wall surrounding the Khaybar oasis in northwestern Arabia. The Khaybar oasis fortress, along with the […]

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Giant 200,000-year-old prehistoric stone axe discovered in northwestern Arabia

A prehistoric giant stone axe, dating back 200,000 years, was discovered in northwest Arabia by an archaeological expedition. This finding, made in the desert near Al-Ula, could potentially rewrite the human history of the region. The team unearthed what appears to be the largest stone bifacial tool ever found. Bifaces are stone tools worked on […]

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Carsten Niebuhr, the scientist who crossed the Middle East disguised as an Arab as the only survivor of the Royal Danish Expedition

Scientific travel became widespread among European countries from the mid-18th century following the establishment of the Enlightenment. And although the most famous were led by the great powers of the time (United Kingdom, France, Spain …), there were other nations that joined the trend. One of them was Denmark, which in 1761 organized an expedition […]