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A Fabulous Marble Floor from a Submerged Roman Villa, Discovered and Restored in Bacoli

In Bacoli, an underwater restoration project has brought to light a fabulous marble floor that belonged to a Roman villa. This impressive discovery is located in the extensive Submerged Archaeological Park of Baiae, the largest of its kind in the world. The ongoing intervention has been carried out by CSR Restauro Beni Culturali and Naumacos […]

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A Roman Structure of Concentric Walls Discovered Underwater on the Coast of Cerveteri in Italy

Recently, underwater restoration and enhancement work was completed on a Roman-era structure discovered in the locality of Campo di Mare, Cerveteri (north of Lazio in Italy). In 2021, the area had already been the scene of the discovery of a Cipollino marble column with its Ionic capital, linked to a circular structure about 50 meters […]

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Archaeological Research in the Kasos Strait Ends with 10 Ancient Shipwrecks and Finds from Prehistoric to Ottoman Periods

In late October 2023, the multi-year underwater archaeological study in the marine area of Kasos was completed. Since 2019, the research team from the Hellenic National Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, conducted four research expeditions in areas of special interest, using archaeological and historical evidence, sources, testimonies, and reports on the […]

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Cargo of a Bronze Age Ship, the World’s Oldest Ever to Carry Copper Ingots, Found by Archaeologists

According to the definition, a wreck is a sunken or damaged ship. Most people associate it with a rusty iron structure or the wooden skeleton of a ship underwater. Underwater archaeologists have a different approach: they also call a wreck the cargo of a Bronze Age ship they found off the coast of Turkey, although […]

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Two Ancient Stone Anchors Found off the Coast of Siracusa, in Sicily

During a joint operation by the Maritime Superintendency of the Sicily Region and the Diving Unit of the Guardia di Finanza in Messina, an archaeological protection operation was conducted on the seabed off the coast of San Lorenzo, in the municipality of Noto, province of Siracusa (Sicily). The verification and survey operation was triggered by […]

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More than 30,000 4th century AD Coins from Almost all Mints in the Roman Empire, found off the Coast of Sardinia

A rich deposit of coins from the first half of the 4th century A.D. has been discovered in the sea off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, in the territory of Arzachena. According to an initial estimate, based on the total weight of the discovery, the number of large bronze coins would range between 30,000 and […]

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Bradford and Aarhus Universities to Search for Lost Civilizations Under Baltic and North Seas

Scientists are about to embark on an exciting project to map the seafloors of the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Led by Professor Vince Gaffney at the University of Bradford’s Submerged Landscapes Research Center, the project has received over 8 million euros in funding. Bradford University is one of four key partners in this collaboration […]