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Evidence of 6 Climate Changes Due to Variations in Earth’s Axial Tilt One Million Years Ago, Found in Southern Spain

A team of researchers has identified up to six climate episodes that occurred about a million years ago at the Quibas site, located in the town of Abanilla (Murcia, Spain). These findings, published in the journal Quaternary International, reveal a significant climate alternation for that period in Europe, marking the first time this pattern has […]

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The Small Island of Fraile, in Southeast Spain, Discovered to Have Been an Important Commercial Center in Roman Times

The Island of Fraile is a small island of 6.2 hectares located off the coast of present-day Águilas (Murcia, Spain), a city founded after the Roman conquest of the area and heavily transformed during the Augustan period (between 45 and 14 AD). The island was inhabited for many millennia: in Antiquity, it was a center […]