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Historic Discovery in the Mediterranean: A 3300-Year-Old Canaanite Ship Found at a Depth of 1.8 Kilometers with All Its Cargo

An extraordinary archaeological find has emerged from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. A ship approximately 3300-3400 years old (14th-13th centuries BCE), loaded with hundreds of intact containers, was discovered at an astounding depth of 1.8 kilometers. This discovery, carried out by Energean, a natural gas company during a standard survey of the Karish, Karish […]

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Archaeologists Find Unknown Compounds in Neolithic Mediterranean Pottery that Was in Contact with Fire

Scientists can learn a lot about past cultures by studying the pots and dishes they used everyday. Even after thousands of years, the crumbs and leftovers stuck inside old pots can tell us about what people ate, how they cooked, and what their lives were like. Two professors, Dr. Barcons and Professor Özbal, recently found […]

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The tiny Croatian island that has more than 23 kilometers of walls and looks like a fingerprint from above the air.

Without reaching the Greek profusion, Croatia has 79 large islands, more than 500 smaller islets and another 642 tiny rocks covering an area of about 3,300 square kilometers. One such small island is Baljenac (or Bavljenac), located off the Dalmatian coast in the south of the country and forming part of the Šibenik archipelago. It […]