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A Small Hellenistic Gold Ring with a Garnet Found in an Exceptional State of Preservation in Jerusalem

A stunning piece of ancient jewelry, a small gold ring adorned with a precious red gemstone, believed to be a garnet, has been uncovered in archaeological excavations in the City of David, part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park. This remarkable find dates back approximately 2,300 years to the early Hellenistic period. The gold ring, […]

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Vindelev Treasure revealed to have Belonged to a Mysterious Member of the European Elite in the Norse Iron Age

A farm located in the small town of Vindelev in Jutland, Denmark likely housed a very prominent and internationally connected individual, according to a new investigation by the National Museum of Denmark into the Vindelev Treasure, recently published in the research journal International Numismatic Chronicle. The lead researcher, Helle Horsnæs, examined the four Roman gold […]

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Unique Medieval Gold Ring and Amulet Among More than 30,000 Artifacts Found in Kalmar, Sweden

A gold ring and a crystal amulet with carved figures are two unique finds among the nearly 30,000 objects discovered during excavations of medieval Kalmar in Sweden. Remains of hundreds of buildings, cellars, streets, latrines, and everyday objects from 400 years ago, between 1250 and 1650, have come to light during two years of archaeological […]

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Gold Ring Reveals Possible New Princely Lineage in Jutland Linked to Merovingians

A treasure hunter has uncovered an elaborate gold ring in southwestern Denmark that could shed light on a previously unknown lineage of royal figures with ties to powerful European dynasties in the early Medieval period. Lars Nielsen, 39, was metal detecting in the fields near Emmerlev when he came across the large gold ring encrusted […]

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Medallion of Emperor Caracalla Minted in Pergamon and Other Objects Found in Roman Tombs in Bulgaria

The Regional Museum of History in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, recently showcased valuable discoveries from Roman tombs excavated last December near the village of Nová Vrbóvka in the Strázhishe region to the media. The funerary objects – jewelry, coins, and vessels – found date back to the first half of the 3rd century AD. They originate […]