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An Etruscan Mirror from the British Museum Depicts a Ritual Kiss Between Mother and Daughter

A new study has shed light on an ancient Etruscan mirror preserved in the British Museum, revealing significant details about the customs and rituals of ancient Etruria. The mirror, dating from the 4th century B.C., shows on its reverse a poignant scene: two women embracing and kissing, a gesture that has long intrigued specialists and […]

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An Etruscan Domestic Structure Discovered in Corsica, the First Found on the Island, Next to 43 kg of Pottery

Archaeologists from INRAP have discovered the first Etruscan domestic structure (dating from the 6th to 4th centuries BCE) in Corsica during a preventive excavation in the municipality of Ghisonaccia. The discovery occurred in the context of a single-house construction project, conducted from mid-October to early December 2023, on a 605 m² area in the locality […]

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An Etruscan Bronze Lamp Found in Cortona is an Object of Worship Associated with the Mysteries of Dionysus

Archaeologists recently re-evaluated a remarkable relic from the ancient Etruscan civilization in central Italy – a massive, elaborately decorated bronze lamp that may have been used in rituals honoring the Greek god Dionysus. The lamp, found in a ditch near the town of Cortona, has long puzzled scholars due to its unique design and mysterious […]

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Monumental Etruscan Tomb Discovered in the Necropolis of San Giuliano North of Rome

A monumental Etruscan tomb has been discovered in the necropolis of San Giuliano, north of Rome. After years of work, a team of archaeologists unearthed an impressive Etruscan tomb that had remained partially hidden underground in the rock-cut necropolis of San Giuliano in the town of Barbarano, north of Rome. The discovery occurred while researchers […]