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The Most Inaccessible Church in the World is Excavated Inside a Sandstone Spire at an Altitude of 2,580 Meters (8,500 Feet)

In the Gheralta Mountains of the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia, inside a vertical rock wall at an altitude of 2,580 meters, lies the most inaccessible church in the world. It is called Abuna Yemata Guh, one of the nine saints who, according to tradition, arrived in northern Ethiopia between the late 5th and early […]

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The British Museum objects that no one can see and that Ethiopia claims

Although the British never conquered or colonized Ethiopia, in April 1868 a battle took place there that ended the so-called British Expedition to Abyssinia (as the country was then known). It all began in October 1862 when Emperor Theodore II of Ethiopia, beset by internal unrest and external threats, requested military assistance from Queen Victoria […]