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One of Scandinavia’s Oldest Dolmens is Intact from Neolithic Times, but Skulls and Other Parts of Buried People Are Missing

Last summer, archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg and Kiel University excavated a dolmen, an ancient stone burial chamber, in Tiarp near Falköping in Sweden. The archaeologists believe the tomb has remained intact since the Stone Age period over 3,500 years ago. However, something strange was discovered – parts of the skeletons of the buried […]

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Glass Beads, a Pin and Ceramic Vessels Found inside a Bronze Age Dolmen

Archaeologists excavating two ancient dolmens in the Golan Heights have made some intriguing discoveries that provide new insights into these monumental stone structures. Dolmens are megalithic tombs from the Middle to Late Bronze Age, between 3000 BC to 1200 BC, constructed from large stone slabs. They consisted of a central chamber made of cobblestones and […]

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The provenance of the stones in the Menga dolmen reveals it as one of the greatest feats of Neolithic engineering

The technical ability of ancient societies is reflected in the monumental structures they were capable of building. Determining the origin and transport of the enormous stones used in prehistoric megalithic monuments provides crucial information for understanding these achievements. Recent provenance studies of places like Stonehenge and Easter Island have improved our understanding of the role […]