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Oldest Incised Bone Found in Northern Europe Demonstrates Early Cognitive Abilities of Neanderthals

A bear radius fragment with seventeen incisions (one of them incomplete) was excavated in the 1950s in the Dziadowa Skała Cave in the Upland of Częstochowa, southern Poland, from a deposit with fauna remains from the Eemian period (between 130,000 and 115,000 years ago). This object has been cited as the earliest evidence of Neanderthals’ […]

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Huge Fossilized Bones Found Throughout Europe are from a Gigantic Ichthyosaur Hitherto Unknown

In 1850, a British scientist named Samuel Stutchbury made an unusual discovery. While exploring a fossil site near Bristol, England, he found a large cylindrical bone fragment. Since then, similar bone pieces have been uncovered in different places across Europe, including parts of Germany and France. Over 200 million years ago, the areas where these […]