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Scientists Create Modified Stainless Steel That Can Eliminate Bacteria Without Antibiotics or Chemicals

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed an innovative electrochemical process that could provide a new defense against bacterial infections without contributing to the growing issue of antibiotic resistance. This breakthrough leverages the natural antibacterial properties of copper and creates nanometer-sized needle-like structures on the surface of stainless steel to effectively kill harmful […]

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Analysis of Bronze Age Teeth Shows How Dietary Change Drove the Evolution of Caries Bacteria

New research has shed light on the evolution of oral health and the impact of dietary changes on the human mouth. A team of scientists has successfully extracted and analyzed microbial DNA from two remarkably well-preserved 4,000-year-old teeth discovered in a limestone cave in Ireland. Their findings, which include the identification of gum disease-causing bacteria […]

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Iron-Driven Memory: Bacteria Crafting and Transmitting Generational Knowledge

A team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin has made a fascinating discovery that could revolutionize our understanding of how bacteria develop strategies to cause dangerous infections in humans. This finding, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has potential applications in preventing and combating bacterial infections, as well […]

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Scientists Uncover a Novel Energy Metabolism that Could Sustain Life on Extraterrestrial Planets

Scientists have stumbled upon a groundbreaking discovery that might hold the key to life beyond Earth. Let’s rewind to the late ’80s when a scientist doodled some calculations on paper. This scientist figured out that turning a chemical called phosphite into phosphate could release enough energy to power a tiny organism. Imagine this microorganism being […]