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When Roman women donated their hair for catapults

Algarradas, ballistas, catapults, onagers, trebuchets… All these projectile-launching weapons were used in antiquity and remained in force later, in the Middle Ages -some were specifically created in that period-, until the spread of gunpowder and the appearance of artillery made them obsolete. They had two characteristics in common: first, they were used in sieges; second, […]

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The Oldest Long-distance Weapons, Identified in Belgium, are 31,000 Years Old

Archaeologists in Belgium have made an incredible discovery that changes our understanding of prehistoric technology. Researchers at the University of Liege’s TraceoLab found evidence that hunter-gatherers were using long-range weapons over 31,000 years ago. This discovery predates the oldest known harpoons by about 10,000 years and shows that ancient humans innovated powerful new hunting techniques […]