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Exceptional 2,500-Year-Old Greek-Illyrian Helmet found in Croatia

During the archaeological digs at the Gomila site, nestled in the town of Zakotorac on Croatia’s Pelješac peninsula, researchers unearthed quite the find: a Greco-Illyrian helmet tucked away in a masonry annex near the tombs, clearly intended for ceremonial purposes. This helmet marks the second of its kind discovered at the site. The previous one […]

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Analysis of Schöningen Spears, the Oldest Complete Ones Preserved, Reveals Advanced Wood Processing Techniques 300,000 Years Ago

Back in 1994, something incredible happened during archaeological digs at an open-pit coal mine in Schöningen. Archaeologists found the oldest complete hunting weapons ever discovered, ancient spears and a throwing stick buried alongside old animal bones near a lake, about ten meters deep. Over the following years, they dug up a bunch of wooden pieces […]

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First-Ever Discovery of “Pila Fossata”, Intact Defensive Wooden Stakes of the Roman Army in Germany

After successfully concluding archaeological research campaigns at two Roman military camps near Bad Ems, the findings and discoveries have been presented to the public in Mainz. For the first time, researchers have managed to recover sharply pointed wooden stakes from a Roman defensive trench (1st century AD) virtually intact. So far, this defense technique and […]

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The Shield-Lantern, a Renaissance Gadget to Fight at Night Blinding the Adversary

The Kunsthistorisches Museum or Museum of Art History in Vienna is one of the most important of its kind in the world. It houses significant collections of art, archaeology, numismatics, and applied arts, including the imperial treasury and the most outstanding collection of works by Rubens, Velázquez, Dürer, Caravaggio, Brueghel, and many others. It also […]

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Vandal or Gothic Tribal Weapons from the Roman Empire Times Unearthed in Poland

The beginning of 2024 brought an accidental archeological discovery in Poland’s Hrubieszów region. Mr. Mateusz Filipowicz was exploring the state-owned forests near Hrubieszów when he came across a cache of several iron objects. At first, it was difficult to identify the items due to heavy corrosion and mud coating the metal. Everything was clustered together […]

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Seven Bronze Age swords and a treasure with 6,000 silver coins unearthed in Germany

The State Office for Culture and Monument Preservation (LAKD) presented on Wednesday three valuable discoveries made last year by volunteer archaeologists in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. These include seven Bronze Age swords, 6,000 silver coins from the 11th century, and a treasure with a reliquary, also from the 11th century. During the presentation of the findings, Culture […]

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Discovery of Hundreds of Ancient Sling Stones Dating Back 7200 Years Provides Earliest Evidence of War in the Near East

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered the earliest evidence of organized warfare in the southern Levant region. A recent study published in the journal Atiqot 111 revealed hundreds of sling stones dating back around 7,200 years. The discovery provides insight into conflict and weapon production during the Early Chalcolithic period (5800-4500 BCE). The research was conducted […]

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When Roman women donated their hair for catapults

Algarradas, ballistas, catapults, onagers, trebuchets… All these projectile-launching weapons were used in antiquity and remained in force later, in the Middle Ages -some were specifically created in that period-, until the spread of gunpowder and the appearance of artillery made them obsolete. They had two characteristics in common: first, they were used in sieges; second, […]