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Discovery of Hundreds of Ancient Sling Stones Dating Back 7200 Years Provides Earliest Evidence of War in the Near East

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered the earliest evidence of organized warfare in the southern Levant region. A recent study published in the journal Atiqot 111 revealed hundreds of sling stones dating back around 7,200 years. The discovery provides insight into conflict and weapon production during the Early Chalcolithic period (5800-4500 BCE). The research was conducted […]

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A fly-whisk provoked the French occupation of Algeria and the establishment of the protectorate

Most readers will be aware of the historical link between France and Algeria, if only because of the number of immigrants from the North African country on French soil or, above all, because of the famous people who have Algerian ancestors or roots, such as the sportsmen Zidane and Benzemá or the minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. […]

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Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the Soviet woman who paid for the manufacture of a tank and drove it personally to avenge her husband’s death

Although women’s participation in World War II was more active than it may seem at first glance, their role was primarily in the rearguard, working in the war industry or in auxiliary positions in logistics, for example. Of course, there was no shortage of cases of female partisans and guerrillas, but the almost absolute protagonism […]