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Iliad-inspired Combat Tests Reveal 3,500-year-old Mycenaean Armor so Good it Could Protect for 11 Hours of Battle

A recent study has revealed that a 3,500-year-old Mycenaean armor, previously believed to be purely ceremonial, was actually suitable for use in combat. This discovery has significant implications for our understanding of ancient warfare and its role in societal transformations during the prehistoric era. Researchers conducted experiments with Greek military volunteers who wore a replica […]

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5,000-year-old Warrior Grave in Spain Shows Evidence of Large-scale Warfare 1,000 Years Before the First Known Conflict

A new analysis of over 300 sets of 5,000-year-old bone remains excavated in a Spanish site suggests that many individuals may have been victims of the earliest period of warfare in Europe, occurring over 1,000 years before the first known larger-scale conflict in the region. The study, published in Scientific Reports, indicates that both the […]