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Europe’s Oldest Megastructure Discovered: 12,000-year-old Wall Submerged in the Baltic Sea

In fall 2021, geologists made an unusual discovery in Mecklenburg Bight bay in Germany – a nearly kilometer-long row of stones on the seafloor. Located about 10 km from Rerik at a depth of 21 meters, the site contained approximately 1,500 stones arranged in such a regular pattern that a natural origin seemed unlikely. A […]

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The remains of the wall of Pisistratus at Eleusis, built in the 6th century B.C., will be covered to protect it.

The Ministry of Culture of Greece has approved a project to protect and enhance the remains of the Pisistratus Wall, located in the archaeological site of Eleusis. The initiative involves the installation of new roofs over the sections of adobe masonry that are preserved from the wall. The goal is to achieve a rational design […]