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The British Museum objects that no one can see and that Ethiopia claims

Although the British never conquered or colonized Ethiopia, in April 1868 a battle took place there that ended the so-called British Expedition to Abyssinia (as the country was then known). It all began in October 1862 when Emperor Theodore II of Ethiopia, beset by internal unrest and external threats, requested military assistance from Queen Victoria […]

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How a lawyer bought Stonehenge in 1915

Stonehenge is England’s most important prehistoric monument and undoubtedly the world’s most famous chromlech. UNESCO added it to its World Heritage list in 1986, increasing the level of protection it had from a century earlier, when it was declared a Scheduled Monument, a classification used in the United Kingdom for outstanding archaeological or historical sites. […]

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Mathematical Analysis of Mysterious Folkton Drums Suggests they May Be Measuring Units for the Construction of Stonehenge

The enigmatic Folkton Drums, found in the tomb of a Neolithic child, were discovered in 1889 near the town of Folkton in North Yorkshire: no similar artifacts have been found in any European site, and for now, their exact function remains unknown. These are three solid limestone cylinders shaped like drums, ranging from 12 to […]