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The Story of the Tiara of Saitaferne, a Fake Scythian Artifact that Became a Work of Art

On April 1, 1896, the Louvre Museum proudly announced the acquisition of a magnificent piece, a recently discovered gold tiara on the Crimean Peninsula in perfect condition, dating back to the late 3rd century B.C. On the advice of Albert Kaempfen, director of the National Museums of France, the Louvre had paid a considerable amount […]

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6000 Years Ago, the Oldest Cities in Europe Ensured their Food with Cereals and Peas, without the Need for Meat

Around 6,000 years ago in the forest steppe region northwest of the Black Sea (now part of Ukraine and Moldova), massive settlements began emerging as part of the Trypillia culture. Known as megasites, some of these earliest farming communities sprawled across up to 320 hectares, with populations of around 15,000 people. Experts believe these were […]