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Grotta di Cocceio, the First Great Road Tunnel in the World, Built by the Romans in 36 BC

Between the years 37 and 36 BCE, Marco Vipsanius Agrippa, personal friend and right-hand man of Emperor Augustus, established the foundation of the most important Roman fleet (the classis Misenensis) at Portus Iulius, built for this purpose between Baiae and Puteoli (modern-day Pozzuoli in the Gulf of Naples) by the engineer Lucius Cocceius Auctus. Authors […]

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Large Complex of Tunnels and Subway Shelters from the Bar Kokhba Rebellion Against the Romans Discovered in Galilee

Archaeologists in Huqoq, near the Sea of Galilee, have uncovered a vast complex of hiding places used by residents to prepare for the Bar Kokhba revolt against Roman rule from 132-136 AD. The excavation revealed that as part of readying for the First Revolt in 66 AD and Bar Kokhba’s Revolt, Huqoq residents converted an […]

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Complex Network of Tunnels Dating Back 6,000 Years Discovered in China’s Ancient Houchongzhai Stone Town

Recent archaeological excavations at the site of the ancient Stone City of Houchongzhai, located in Qingshuihe County in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, have revealed significant new details about its sophisticated three-level defensive system. Dating between 4300 and 4500 BC, during the historical period known as Early Longshan, the city of Houchongzhai was […]