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Remains of Extensive Roman Settlement Found near Vindonissa Camp in Switzerland

In preparation for construction on a plot of land between Limmatstrasse and Vogelsangstrasse in Gebenstorf (in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland), archaeological excavation has uncovered Roman wall foundations and debris, along with other discoveries. This site, located about 2.2 kilometers from the ancient Roman legionary camp at Vindonissa, is slated to become a residential […]

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Europe’s Oldest Plough Marks Discovered, Testifying the Use of Animals in Agriculture 7000 Years Ago

Researchers have made an archaeological discovery that changes our understanding of prehistoric agriculture in Europe. Excavations at the Anciens Arsenaux site in Sion, Switzerland, have revealed evidence that Neolithic farmers were using animal traction to pull plows from 5,100 to 4,700 years ago. This discovery predates by nearly a millennium what were previously the oldest […]

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Bronze Age settlement with pits full of “heat stones” discovered in Switzerland

On the eve of a construction project in Heimberg, the Archaeological Service of the Canton of Bern (Switzerland) conducted a salvage excavation in the autumn of 2023. While the investigation barely yielded new findings about a planned Roman site, it did reveal the remains of a previously unknown Bronze Age settlement. During the three-month investigation […]