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The Urn Containing the Remains of Brasidas, the Spartan General Regarded as Hero in Two Different Cities

The ancient city of Amphipolis, in eastern Macedonia bordering Thrace, had three founding attempts. The first by Miletus in 497 BC, and the second by the Athenians in 465 BC. Both failed as the settlers from both expeditions were wiped out by Thracian “barbarians”. However, the third attempt succeeded when Hagnon, the son of the […]

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Greek Tombs with Artifacts and Grave Goods Unearthed in Taranto, the Only Spartan Colony in Southern Italy

Taranto owes its origins to the Spartans who founded it in the 8th century BC with the name Taras (Τάρας). At that time, the Apulian city became one of the most important polis in Magna Graecia, asserting its political superiority over other colonies in the south. It is precisely from this period of splendor that […]