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One of Only Three Known Armor Arm Guards of the Roman Empire Reconstructed from Hundreds of Fragments

An exceptionally rare piece from the collection of National Museums Scotland has been meticulously reconstructed from dozens of fragments. Dating from the mid-2nd century AD, a brass arm guard will be displayed whole for the first time in nearly 2,000 years when it is loaned to the British Museum for their upcoming exhibition “Legion: Life […]

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The Most Important Roman Road in the History of Scotland, Later Used by Vikings, Normans, William Wallace and all the Kings of Scotland, is Discovered

Archaeologists in Stirling, Scotland have made an amazing discovery – the remains of an ancient Roman road. Estimated to be nearly 2,000 years old, this road was originally built by the Roman army led by General Gnaeus Julius Agricola in the 1st century AD. It connected to aford, or shallow river crossing, over the River […]

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The Face of Ava, a Woman Found in an Early Bronze Age Tomb in Scotland, Reconstructed

In 1987, the remains of a woman from the Early Bronze Age, who died 4,250 years ago, were discovered in a rock-cut tomb in the megalithic circle of Achavanich in Caithness, Scotland. DNA analysis showed that she descended from European immigrants who arrived in Britain several generations before her birth, along with details about her […]