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People have been Living in Lava Tube Caves in Saudi Arabia for Millennia

Recent archaeological research in Arabia has uncovered interesting insights into the ancient history of the region. This interdisciplinary study sheds light on how people lived, migrated, and adapted to their surroundings over thousands of years, despite the challenges of migration and adaptation in arid environments. One breakthrough comes from exploring underground environments like caves and […]

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Huge 4,000-year-old Fortification Discovered Surrounding the Khaybar Oasis in Northwestern Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of fortified settlements that inhabited the oases of northern Arabia between the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. A team of scientists from the CNRS research center and the Royal Commission for AlUla recently uncovered a fortification wall surrounding the Khaybar oasis in northwestern Arabia. The Khaybar oasis fortress, along with the […]

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Giant 200,000-year-old prehistoric stone axe discovered in northwestern Arabia

A prehistoric giant stone axe, dating back 200,000 years, was discovered in northwest Arabia by an archaeological expedition. This finding, made in the desert near Al-Ula, could potentially rewrite the human history of the region. The team unearthed what appears to be the largest stone bifacial tool ever found. Bifaces are stone tools worked on […]