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Letters from Roman Centurions Found in Ancient Berenike, Egypt: “I Send Them with Dromedarius, Take Care of Them”

Polish archaeologists found papyrus with letters from Roman centurions stationed in Egypt in Berenike. These unique documents were discovered along with, among other things, ceramics from Italy, Roman coins, and a specific cloak brooch in what might have been the remains of a centurion’s office. For Egyptologists and other scholars of Antiquity, this is an […]

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Only One Vexillum, the Roman War Standard, has Survived to the Present Day

The word vexillology, which names the discipline that studies flags, derives from the Latin term vexillum meaning flag or banner. But in turn, vexillum came from another Latin word, velum, whose meaning is sail. This confirms the historical evidence from coins and sculptures that the vexilla (plural of vexillum) were indeed small fabric sails in […]

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Impressive Roman Helmet Found at Hallaton Restored for First Time on Display

Over two decades ago, an extraordinary Roman helmet was unearthed in a field in Leicestershire, England, and now this unique piece of early Roman cavalry equipment has returned to public display at the Harborough Museum. The Hallaton Helmet, discovered in 2001 by the Hallaton Field Work Group and the University of Leicester Archaeological Services during […]

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Two Roman Copper Bracelets with Hinges and Trisqueles Found in Wales

In a remarkable find that provides insight into the cultural interactions during the Roman occupation of Britain, two copper alloy bracelets were recently discovered in Llanddyfnan, Anglesey, Wales. The bracelets, which date back to the 2nd century AD, were found by Andrew Hutchinson while metal detecting in September 2023. The bracelets feature a unique design, […]

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First-Ever Discovery of “Pila Fossata”, Intact Defensive Wooden Stakes of the Roman Army in Germany

After successfully concluding archaeological research campaigns at two Roman military camps near Bad Ems, the findings and discoveries have been presented to the public in Mainz. For the first time, researchers have managed to recover sharply pointed wooden stakes from a Roman defensive trench (1st century AD) virtually intact. So far, this defense technique and […]

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One of Only Three Known Armor Arm Guards of the Roman Empire Reconstructed from Hundreds of Fragments

An exceptionally rare piece from the collection of National Museums Scotland has been meticulously reconstructed from dozens of fragments. Dating from the mid-2nd century AD, a brass arm guard will be displayed whole for the first time in nearly 2,000 years when it is loaned to the British Museum for their upcoming exhibition “Legion: Life […]