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Passetto di Borgo, the fortified passage that was the escape route for the popes

The Passetto di Borgo is a fascinating historical construction that connects the Vatican City with Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. Stretching approximately 800 meters, this fortified passage has witnessed countless events and occurrences over the centuries, serving as an escape route for the popes, as it includes a long escape tunnel. Its construction dates back to […]

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Cesare Borgia, Machiavelli’s model for his Renaissance prince and alleged inspiration for Leonardo’s face of Christ

Cesare Borgia, commonly known as the Duke of Valentinois, gained his state through his father’s fortune, and lost it with that same fortune, despite employing every imaginable means and doing everything that a prudent and skillful man should do to establish himself in a state acquired with the help of arms and the support of […]