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Intervision, the Soviet Bloc Festival that Replicated Eurovision with Voting by Turning the Lights On and Off

This is evident with NATO and the Warsaw Pact or the European Common Market and COMECON. But interestingly enough, the Eastern countries also had a response to something much less serious. In 1977, the ISC, the Intervision Song Contest, was born, which, as you can guess, was a copy of the Eurovision Song Contest in […]

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Oldest Incised Bone Found in Northern Europe Demonstrates Early Cognitive Abilities of Neanderthals

A bear radius fragment with seventeen incisions (one of them incomplete) was excavated in the 1950s in the Dziadowa Skała Cave in the Upland of Częstochowa, southern Poland, from a deposit with fauna remains from the Eemian period (between 130,000 and 115,000 years ago). This object has been cited as the earliest evidence of Neanderthals’ […]

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A Neolithic Copper Axe Found in Poland Suggests the Presence of Trypillia Settlements, the Culture that Burned its Villages

Recently found in Matcz, in the municipality of Horodło in the Lublin Voivodeship in Poland, a unique copper axe dating back to the 4th-3rd millennium BCE, has been identified as belonging to the Cucuteni culture (also known as Trypillia Culture), which flourished between 4500 and 3000 BCE in southeastern Europe. The discovery was made during […]

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Vandal or Gothic Tribal Weapons from the Roman Empire Times Unearthed in Poland

The beginning of 2024 brought an accidental archeological discovery in Poland’s Hrubieszów region. Mr. Mateusz Filipowicz was exploring the state-owned forests near Hrubieszów when he came across a cache of several iron objects. At first, it was difficult to identify the items due to heavy corrosion and mud coating the metal. Everything was clustered together […]