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Scientists have Solved the Mystery of where Baobabs Originated and how they Spread Around the World

Recent genomic and ecological analyses by a global research team led by the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center, CAS, hosted by the Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have shed light on the origins and dispersal of these iconic trees. The study reveals that Madagascar is the cradle from which all other baobab […]

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Rare Fossil Found in Canada Shows Trees Had Surprisingly Bizarre Shapes 350 Million Years Ago

Researchers in Canada have discovered the fossil of a really strange tree that lived over 350 million years ago. They published their findings in Current Biology journal magazine. This tree fossil is special because it still has parts that show what the branches and leaves looked like. Tree fossils usually just show the trunk. The […]

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Wasabi, the Surprising Weapon of Ancient Egyptian Papyri Restorers

Researchers have found a new natural method to clean and preserve valuable ancient Egyptian papyri threatened by the action of fungi and bacteria. It involves wasabi, a plant native to Japan known for its bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The papyri are written documents on strips of paper made from papyrus fiber, an aquatic plant that […]