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One of the Herculaneum Papyri Indicates the Exact Location of Plato’s Grave: in a Garden Next to the Museion, in the Academy

More than 1,000 words, accounting for 30% of the text, have emerged from the carbonized papyrus of Herculaneum, containing the History of the Academy by Philodemus of Gadara (110-40 BCE), thanks to the technological approach of innovative research methodologies used in the GreekSchools project. This project is coordinated by Graziano Ranocchia from the University of […]

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Wasabi, the Surprising Weapon of Ancient Egyptian Papyri Restorers

Researchers have found a new natural method to clean and preserve valuable ancient Egyptian papyri threatened by the action of fungi and bacteria. It involves wasabi, a plant native to Japan known for its bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The papyri are written documents on strips of paper made from papyrus fiber, an aquatic plant that […]