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Swains Island, the Paradise Atoll Owned by a Single Family Since 1856 and Disputed by the United States and Tokelau

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about 180 kilometers south of the Fakaofo Atoll, which belongs to Tokelau, and 300 kilometers north of Savai’i, the largest of the islands in American Samoa, is Swains (or Olohega in the Tokelauan language). It is a small atoll of 3.5 square kilometers with an inner lagoon about […]

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Puncak Jaya, the Highest Island Mountain in the World and the Highest Point on Earth Between the Himalayas and the Andes

Due to its geographical location, between Southeast Asia and Australia in the Pacific Ocean and south of the equator, the island of New Guinea has a tropical climate with average temperatures of about 24 degrees Celsius all year round. However, it also has high peaks where temperatures can drop below zero, with abundant rainfall. One […]

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Images of a rare species of giant rat capable of smashing coconuts with its teeth captured for the first time

Scientists have captured the first photos ever of an endangered giant rat species found only on one small island in the South Pacific. This rare rodent is called the Vangunu giant rat, because it lives in the treetops of the forest on Vangunu Island in the Solomon Islands. Up until now, scientists only knew about […]