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The Residence of the Prefect of the Roman Tyrrhenian Fleet, from where Pliny the Elder would have seen the Vesuvius Eruption, uncovered

In an area already protected by ministerial archaeological restrictions due to the density of ancient testimonies scattered around Punta Sarparella, in Bacoli, from the entrance to the Roman theater of Misenum, passing through the sacellum of the Augustales, to the inner basin of the ancient port, an archaeological discovery of excepcional importance has been made. […]

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Quasi-War, the undeclared conflict that pitted the United States against France between 1798 and 1800

A few days were enough for Esteban to realize that Víctor Hugues had been overly optimistic in telling him that the journey from Cayenne to Paramaribo, at such times, was an easy undertaking. Jeannet, envious of Guadeloupe’s prosperity, also had his privateers: small, rapacious captains, without the charisma or stature of an Antoine Fuët, who […]