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The Most Amazing Trilobite Fossils Over 500 Million Years Old Found in Morocco

A group of researchers has discovered the best-preserved three-dimensional trilobite fossils ever found, shedding new light on these ancient marine inhabitants. The fossils, which date back more than 500 million years, were found in the High Atlas of Morocco and have been nicknamed “Pompeii trilobites” due to their extraordinary preservation in volcanic ash. Led by […]

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Fossils of the Common Ancestor of Scorpions, Spiders and Horseshoe Crabs Discovered in a Moroccan Site

Modern scorpions, spiders, and horseshoe crabs belong to a vast family of arthropods that first appeared on Earth around 540 million years ago. More specifically, they are part of a subgroup known as chelicerates, which are characterized by their pincer-like appendages used for feeding, dragging prey, or injecting venom. Identifying the ancient ancestors of this […]

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Evidence Reveals Surprising Dietary Practices of Pre-agricultural Human Groups in Morocco 15,000 Years Ago

For years, the common belief has been that pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer societies relied heavily on meat. However, new evidence from a groundbreaking study reveals a surprising twist in the dietary practices of ancient human groups in Morocco, suggesting a marked preference for plant-based food over 15,000 years ago. The study, conducted by a team of international […]

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Scientists Discover the Base of a 100-Meter-High Star-Shaped Dune in Morocco Dates Back 13,000 Years

Scientists have finally solved the mysterious absence of star-shaped sand dunes in the geological record of Earth’s history, managing to date one of these dunes back thousands of years. This study, conducted by scholars from the universities of Aberystwyth, Birkbeck, and UCL, is the first to pinpoint just how long it took for a stellar […]

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“Homo sapiens” Footprints from 90,000 Years Ago, the Oldest in North Africa and Southern Mediterranean, Found

Researchers have found traces of Homo sapiens dating back 90,000 years, the oldest in North Africa and the southern Mediterranean. Moroccan and French researchers have recently discovered the largest and best-preserved site of Late Pleistocene human footprints in Larache, Morocco. The find, dating back around 90,000 years, constitutes the oldest evidence of the presence of […]