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A Paleo-Hispanic Alphabet Found on the Slate Tablet from the Casas del Turuñuelo Site

Researchers from the Institute of Archaeology of Mérida (IAM), a joint center of the CSIC and the Junta of Extremadura, are studying a series of signs inscribed on the slate tablet from the Tartessian site of Casas del Turuñuelo (Guareña, Badajoz) which discovery was announced last week, and according to initial interpretations, it appears to […]

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How Archaeologists Discovered the First Diplomatic Treatises, Written in a Previously Unknown Language

In 1964, a team of archaeologists from the University of Rome La Sapienza, led by Paolo Matthiae, began excavating at Tell Mardikh, a site located 55 kilometers southeast of Aleppo, Syria. Their goal was to demonstrate that Syria had hosted its own cultures in ancient times. Over the years, the discoveries accumulated: ancient palaces, statues, […]

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How did Etruscan, Hittite, Phoenician, Latin, and other languages of Antiquity sound? (Video)

Throughout history, many languages have flourished and disappeared, leaving behind few written records of how they actually sounded. Thanks to advances in historical linguistics and experimental phonetics, it is now possible to reconstruct with greater precision the pronunciation of ancient languages such as Latin, Etruscan, Ancient Greek, and other languages of the past. Classical Latin, […]

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The curious case of Maltese, the only Semitic language in the European Union

The special location of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and halfway between Africa and Europe, gave the country (which are actually three islands: Gozo, Comino and Malta itself) unique cultural characteristics within the European environment. There are megalithic temples built in the fourth millennium BC by a culture that disappeared a millennium […]